New digital camera

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Unfortunately we recieved a Canon Ixus 430 as a wedding present (2nd August 2004). This page is not longer maintained

On the 11th of september 2002 the Medion 9700 digital camera was on sale at the local Aldi in the Netherlands. My current camera, a Philips ESP60 was a little bit outdated, so.....

This page reveals my inside info of this camera and everything i found on the internet about it.

The camera is also know as:
Medion MD9700:   
Jenoptik JD 4100 z3:
Scanhex SX410z    

How does it look
Driver  - Update (03-11-2002) -
Use skanhex 2.10 driver


How does it look:

Front Right


Sensor Resolution

1/1.8"CCD, 4.13M pixels

ISO Equivalent


Image Resolution

  • 2272 x 1704 pixels (FULL)
  • 1600 x 1200 pixels (HALF)
  • 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)


Strobe flash (Auto with Red-eye/Auto/Fill-in/Off/) with range up to 9.8' (3 M).

Image Compression

Best(1/6), Normal (1/12), Economical(1/25)


10 seconds

File Formats


Tripod Mount


Image Storage

  • Removable 128 MB CFC. 100 pictures for Normal (FULL)
  • 200 pictures for Normal (HALF)
  • >999 pictures for Normal (VGA)


  • Full size - 2 pictures,Best mode.
  • Half size - 6 pictures,Best mode.
  • VGA size - 12 pictures,Best mode.

LCD Display

1.8" TFT color LCD for preview & review

Video Out

NTSC, PAL selectable. Live view.

View Finder

Real image zoom viewfinder.


USB, CF Card


Auto Focus, 3X optical, 2Xdigital zoom

Auto power off

Changeable from 1 - 30 Min. Default to 3 min.

Focal Length

8-24 mm. (38-114mm , 35 mm equivalent)

Power Sources

a) 4 x "AA" batteries,  b) 6V AC 2A Adaptor

Focus Range

16"(40cm) to infinity; Macro 8-40 cm


CE, FCC class B.



System Requirments

Win 98/ 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP.32M RAM Min. 110MB Free Disk, USB or compact flash adapter
Mac OS 9.X  .32M RAM Min. 110MB Free space


Auto or manual (the manual focos will work, but it is not possible to focus with it, without a external display.


  • AP Software : Adobe Photo Software for Window and Mac
  • Cables:USB , Video-out
  • Strap/Pouch : Wrist Strap, Camera pouch
  • Others: 4 x "AA" batteries
  • CFC: 32MB

White Balance

Auto or manual(Day light, Tungsten,Fluorescent Light)


AC Adaptor (2 A)

Shutter Speed

2 - 1/500 second


116 x 73 x 62 mm.

Aperture Range

Wide-F3.4 Tele-/F3.6(F/open 3.4,4.8,7.7,15)


grams ( without batteries)


It looks like the real producer is Skanhex. If you want to print a picture and take a look a the compactflash, then the folowing file exists: Autprint.mrk
This contains the folowing text: "Medion  SX410Z Digital Camera"
With other words, they tried to masqurade the real producer, but did not completely succeed.


Of course I tried to get the camera running with the 2.10 driver of skanhex, but did not succeed. Unfortunately te original driver is Dutch, so I kept trying to get the 2.10 driver running. in November I succeeded.


This is the original 2.08 from the CD (Medion)

Skanhex driver is a little bit more recent and most important: ENGLISH.

Skanhex 2.08 2.10
Jenoptik 2.05 2.08
Medion 2.08

The camera is not recognized by a Linux 2.4.18 kernel. The gPhoto site reveals: that work is in progress:
`"Jenoptik JD-3300z3" (EXPERIMENTAL)` and the `"Skanhex SX-330z" (EXPERIMENTAL)`, with other words, It should not take a year to release a working driver.

Update 03-11-2002

Recently I discovered it was reasonably simple to convert the 2.10 driver to recognize the MD9700 camera.
The .inf file contains the USB path, so here is a simple and dirty hack:

Skanhex 2.10 driver for the MD9700

Please pay attention, this is on your own risk. The only thing I guarantee is that if you try it, it consumes your time.
Download the skanhex driver from their site:
Unpack it and deselect the readonly bit on all files, DOS people do it like: "C:\>attrib -r *"
Now you see the sx-410z.inf file. Edit it with your favorite editor, for example vi or else notepad.

You see the folowing line:

%Jp.DeviceDesc% = Jp.Camera,  USB\VID_0D96&PID_4100

Change the device name to 4102 and voilla, you have got a working md9700 2.10 driver.

%Jp.DeviceDesc% = Jp.Camera,  USB\VID_0D96&PID_4102

Installation of the new 2.10 driver?

Since you allready use the old driver, you have to tell Windows to use an alternative driver:
Go to the device manager of windows, click with your right-mouse-button on the md9700 device, and then go to the driver tab. Do an update driver, and select the alternate path, where the recently patched driver is. Tell windows that you do not want the current driver, but an alternate driver, and then the 2.10 version will be installed.


Off course there are several manuals availlable on the internet:

Skanhex Eng
Jenoptik Eng De


As you can see the middle picture is the best looking one, simg0052.jpg so:

Mooi man

This is a rescaled version (640 * 480) of the original. It is made by flash, the most common problem with (digital-)cameras. Click on the image to look at the original size (2274 * 1704).


The camera has a 3 * optical zoom and a 2 * digital zoom.

The Folowing images are made with zoom.:
Click on the images to see the real size images. Be aware, the images are >800 Kb.

zonder zoom

Without zoom

3 * zoom

3 * zoom

3 * zoom + 2 * digitale zoom

3 * zoom and 2 * digital zoom

If you take a look at the big image, you can clearly see the pixels in the image. The manual tells us that if you make a 3 * digital zoom image, the picture will be saved as a 640*480 image, but unfortunately it is saved as a 2272*1704 image, consuming more than 10 times the neccesary size.